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How To Measure

Clean you nail

For accurate nail measurements, make sure to remove all polish and enhancements. This includes nail lacquer as well as gels, dips, acrylics or anything else on the nail surface. Clean, bare nails are required to determine the real size and shape of your natural nail plates. Proper measurements ensure a perfect custom fit for your press on nails.

Wrap the nail plate

Measuring tape around finger


When measuring the nail plate, use a soft measuring tape to find the widest part of the surface. Gently wrap the flexible tape around each nail to determine the broadest area. This will ensure a proper fitting extension that matches the nail's widest width.


Align the left Edge

Measuring tape around finger left side view

When measuring, align the measuring tape along the left edge of the nail, flush against the curve of the nail bed surface. This will provide an accurate measurement that matches the arch of your natural nail plate. 

Measuring tape around finger right size view

Read the Measurement


Then, place the measuring tape along the right edge of the nail flush with the curve of the nail plate surface. Note the measurement where indicator meets nail edge. This will give the size needed to shape extensions perfectly contoured to each natural nail profile.

Once your natural nail measurements are complete, follow our nail size chart to select the properly corresponding press on nail size. The chart provides a simple guide to choosing nails that best match each finger's width for a seamless enhanced look.

Sizes Guides

Thumb    Index      Middle    Ring       Pinky
XS   14mm     10mm     11mm     10mm     7mm
  S   15mm     11mm     12mm     11mm     8mm
 M   16mm     12mm     13mm     12mm     9mm
   L   17mm     13mm     14mm     13mm     10mm
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