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Shipping & Returns

~All possible taxes are at the buyer's expense.   Consider your country, state and its customs office when ordering.
~Seller's Responsibility
: At Glam Press, we promise we give our best effort to provide top quality products and try our best to fulfil the timely delivery. 
~Buyer's responsibility: Please take a thoughtful approach to your order. Consider the order time, delivery time.  If you need an order urgently, especially before a holiday or celebration, take into account the work of the mail, there are delays or failures and your order may not be in time by the desired date.

~Items in your order may be shipped via a single shipment, or via multiple shipments.  If your order is only partially filled and shipped, you will only be charged for those items that are actually shipped to you.

~Unexpected time delayIf your order is suddenly delayed due to a problem with the mail, please be patient. I'm sorry but I can't be held responsible for the work of international delivery.

~Certain addresses will be ineligible for shipment, such as PO box addresses.
~You agree to provide current, complete and accurate purchase, account and shipping information for all purchases made at our store. 

Please double check your shipping address if it is correct and in full.   We cannot change it once we shipped it, and it is not responsible for the wrong delivery address given to us.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Refunds and/or Exchange 
We take full responsibility for production mistake. If we send you the wrong set / size / colour, we would gladly issue you a refund or send you a whole new set for free. Please consider sending a message for us before adding a negative review if you can!

We do not accept refunds or exchanges for change of mind, not your expectations, or sizing/length problems.

If you have questions don't be afraid to ask them, please send us a quick email or message. 

Shipping Policy

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