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How to Achieve the Perfect Beachy Manicure: Top 5 Press-On Nail Trends for Summer 2024

Summer Nails

As the weather warms up, our minds automatically start thinking of sunny beach days, poolside lounging and vacation vibes. To help your nails feel just as chilled out and tropical as your summer plans, here are the top 5 press-on nail trends that will be big this season and transport you to paradise with colorful, beach-inspired manis.

1. Neon coral and tangerine shades

Neon coral, tangerine and peach shades are going to be huge for summer 2024 press-ons. These bright, citrus hues will have you feeling like you just stepped off a tropical island. Brands like Kiss, Indigo Hard Gel and OPINurses will be releasing full collections in neon corals, oranges and peaches that just scream summer fun.

For a bright pop, go for an all-over solid color. Or try pairing a neon with a pastel for a two-tone sunset effect. You can also add a graphic element like strips or dots in a contrasting neon. No matter how you style them, these screamy shades will have everyone asking where you got that glow.

2. Seashell charms and accents

Channel your inner mermaid with seashell accents on your nails. Small seashell charms, decals or dried real seashell pieces make for cute and on-trend embellishments. Create an ombré look using different sizes of fake pearl and shell accents tapered along the nails.

Go for iridescent pearly pinks, blues or whites as your base color and top with tiny holographic or resin seashell baubles. Create a sandy beach scene using mini pearls and shells against a nude base. You’ll feel like royalty of the sea with these sweet ocean-inspired details.

3. Watercolor nail art

Abstract watercolor nail art designs will see a major moment this summer. The boho, carefree vibe of creamy watercolor hues and blended application methods work perfectly for relaxed beach days.

Dot a few contrasting creme polish shades onto each nail and blend them out using a wet small brush for a truly one-of-a-kind mani that seems professionally painted every time. Play with blended shades of sea blues, turquoises, pinks and corals for a hydrangea effect. Watch tutorials to master the watercolor technique - it’s easier than it looks!

4. Beach prints and tropical motifs

You’ll want your nails to feel as vacation-worthy as your summer plans with cute prints like palm trees, sunglasses, seashells, pineapples and more. Square and almond shapes styles are ideal for showing off illustration kits from nail brands.

Try Kiss’s new Caribbean collection with bright island scenes. Or go minimalist tropical chic with Olive & June’s hibiscus nail stickers. Coordinate your motifs with your outfit - pineapple nails for that summer dress, seashells with beachy fabrics. These cheerful designs are conversation starters and will make you excited for beach days ahead.

5. Neutral sand and nude tones

While bold designs and bright colors are fun, neutral sand and nude press-ons let your natural nail art shine through while still feeling fresh. Think soft tan, oat, beige and blush shades that evoke coastal vibes - they’re universally flattering too.

Pale pink press-ons trimmed with a shimmery nude lend elegant polish. Matte sand tones are perfect for bare minimum days. And tie-dye ombré manis using nude tones evoke a seaside sunset. With natural nails gaining popularity for their low-maintenance style, these sheer neutrals offer subtle summer flair without overwhelm.

Plus, the light tones elongate fingers - a chic trick when you’re always wearing SPF on your extremities. So grab your favorite nude press-ons and let your hands relax into a bare-minimum beach state of mind.

Whether your style is bold and bright or low-key neutral glam, there’s a press-on trend tailor made for your summer vibes this year. Try a new look each week - it’s half the fun of changing with the seasons. With these on-trend press-on press nails leading the way, you’ll be perfectly polished for warm weather adventures all season long.

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